El Consorcio

To talk about El Consorcio it is inevitable to refer to Mocedades, since all its members belonged to that group. The Consortium, formed by Amaya Uranga, Estíbaliz Uranga, Iñaki Uranga, and Carlos Zubiaga, is the vocal group par excellence of our country and its greatest successes remain today. “Tómame o déjame”, “El vendedor”, “La otra España”, “Qué pasará mañana”, “Secretaria”, “Quién te cantará”, “Desde que tú te has ido”, “Amor de hombre”, “Dónde estás corazón”, “Le llamaban loca”… mark her extensive and intense career with more than five decades of Spanish music history. “ERES TU”, a song composed by Juan Carlos Calderón, was one of the biggest hits of his career. Song with which they obtained second place in Eurovision 1973. Their magnificent voices, with an unparalleled filling and quality, led them to win a Latin Grammy in 2016.
wednesday 14 february / 20:30 h
120′ aproximadamente

Patio and club 40 €
Box seating 35 €
Amphitheater 30 €