Hipnonautas, hipnosis de Jorge Astyaro

Become a true dream traveler. Dare to make your dreams come true with the hypnotism of Jorge Astyaro. Discover “Hipnonautas”, the exciting hypnosis show by Jorge Astyaro. Live an immersive experience where imagination and creativity come together to explore the world of dreams. “Hipnonauts” is not just a show, it is a masterful experience about suggestion and its power over our subconscious mind. Jorge Astyaro voluntarily invites those who want to participate and guides them to a deep and pleasant hypnotic sleep. “Hipnonauts” is more than a show, it is a journey into the interior of the human mind full of surprises and emotions. Don’t miss the opportunity to live this unique experience and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of hypnosis. Jorge Astyaro. Considered one of the best hypnotists and mentalists in the world.
  • AUTHOR¬†Jorge Astyaro
friday 1 march / 20:30 h
120′ aproximadamente

Patio and club 15 ‚ā¨
Box seating 14 ‚ā¨
Amphitheater 12 ‚ā¨