La Ruina

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La Ruina is a show in which both attendees and special guests share their most embarrassing anecdote in public: that time their partner left them on WhatsApp, when they fell asleep in an important meeting, a misunderstanding with a taxi driver… The typical anecdote that Friends always ask you to tell at dinners. In La Ruina we laugh, yes, but in some way we also do group therapy when we see that we all have a loser inside. The comedians and scriptwriters Ignasi Taltavull & Tomàs Fuentes host the show, accompanied by a guest who will help them comment on the anecdotes of that night. People like Berto Romero, Facu Díaz, Marc Giró have come to share their misery on the buses of La Ruina… And they have shown us that absolutely all of us are more stupid than we believe.
  • DIRECTION AND ACTING Ignasi Taltavull & Tomàs Fuentes
friday 12 april / 20:30 h
90′ aproximadamente

Patio and club 18 €
Box seating 16 €
Amphitheater 14 €

RECOMMENDED AGENOT recommended for children under 14