Rocío Jurado, el musical

Carmela is a woman who admires Rocío Jurado. She wants to be free, sensual and brave like her. She wants to be irreverent, accurate and direct like the women in her songs. Throughout the show, she will discover that Rocío Jurado exists in her. Having repeated her songs so many times, her gestures and her way of speaking Facing the music will make you live a journey of getting closer to its reference. In the 21st century, a young woman rediscovers herself in the older one.
  • Production Rocío Carrasco/Green Cow Music
  • Author Rocío Carrasco/Anabel Dueñas/Ángel Garrido/Lucía Muñoz
  • Voice and interpretation Anabel Dueñas
  • Musical direction and piano Alejandro Cruz Benavides
  • Guitars Victor Manuel and Lorenzo Gaitán
  • Electric bass Juan Manuel Ruiz López
  • Drums David Lopez
  • Costumes Rocío Jurado’s original
  • Design and lighting Oscar Gómez de los Reyes
  • Set design Rocío Carrasco
  • Artistic direction Fidel Albiac
  • Technical direction Dani Montes
thursday 10 october / 20:00 h
120′ aproximadamente

Patio and club 35 € - 42 €
Continuous box 32 €
Amphitheater 30 €