El Principal announces the winning project of the 3rd José Estruch Theatre Production Residency

During the press conference that took place this afternoon in the hall of the Principal Theatre, the winning project of the III José Estruch Theatre Production Residency at the Teatro Principal of Alicante was announced.

The deadline for the presentation of projects by companies from the province of Alicante for the III Residencia de Producción Teatral José Estruch of the Teatro Principal de Alicante, which aims to promote professional theatre production in Alicante, ended on 17 February. The winning and finalist projects were presented this afternoon at a press conference held in the hall of Alicante’s Teatro Principal.

The press conference was attended by:

  • María Dolores Padilla, deputy director of the Teatro Principal de Alicante.
  • Iván Jiménez Lorenzo, director
  • Elena Candela Alemán, actress.
  • Mila García, actress.
  • Diego L. Juan García, actor
  • Tomàs Mestre, actor.

We are very satisfied and consider the call to have been a success, as six projects have been submitted. The selection was made a week after the deadline for the submission of theatre projects from professional companies based in Alicante and which had not been premiered.

The winning and runner-up projects were unanimously selected on Monday 24 February at 11am.

They were part of the selection committee:

Juan Luis Mira Candel, playwright, writer, teacher and theatre director.
Begoña Echevarría, official of the Department of Culture.
Mª Dolores Padilla Olba, deputy director of the Teatro Principal de Alicante.

WINNING PROJECT that went to the proposal presented by MAROR Produccions “LA LANGOSTA NO SE HA HA POSADO” by Francisco Suárez Lema, a leading writer of contemporary theatre in Spain, winner in 2017 of the prestigious Born Theatre Award.

Director: Iván Jiménez Lorenzo
Cast: Mila García, Elena Candela Alemán, Tomàs Mestre and Diego L. Juan García.
Production team: Xavier Monzó
Lighting design: Alberto Fermín
Set design: Aitana Mestre

MAROR produccions is a theatre production company from Alicante created in 2015. Now they present their project “LA LANGOSTA NO SE HA HA POSADO”, a delirious and somewhat absurd comic thriller with a brutal existentialist background by Francisco Javier Suárez Lema. The text is disconcerting and at the same time almost magnetic, of a more than remarkable literary quality and with a philosophical basis that delves into the root of the human soul.

FINALIST PROJECT, “VIVAN LAS TRÁGICAS”, a production of LA SOGORB artes escénicas, a collective creation with dramaturgy by Josi Alvarado.

Directed by: David García Coll.
Cast: Xiomara Wanden and Elisabeth Sogorb.
Lighting and sound space: Pedro Vera.
Set and costume design: Joanmi Reig.

The company LA SOGORB artes escénicas divides its work between theatre pedagogy, stage direction and performance, artistic creation of events and consultancy work with actors.

The theatrical production company MAROR producciones will be able to rehearse in the Sala Nuria Espert of the Teatro Principal of Alicante during 8 weeks between the months of July, August and September, at times to be agreed between the theatre and the company. The premiere will be on Friday 25th September as part of our autumn-winter 2020-2021 season programme.

The deputy director María Dolores Padilla has expressed her satisfaction with the result of the call, highlighting the value of the III Estruch Residence as a firm commitment to the professionalization of the artistic fabric of Alicante. The winning project “LA LANGOSTA NO SE HA HA POSADO” has members from Alicante of recognised prestige, with solid careers in theatrical direction and performance and an impeccable production design.

The two finalist proposals meet all the selection criteria included in the rules and have a high level of quality, they are projects with economic viability and with a potential route beyond our Residence.
The Teatro Principal will pay the fee for the programmed performance, which is 4,200 euros, and will also grant an incentive for the production of this show for an amount of 4,500 euros.